Athletic Bilbao: Vesga: ‘Winning Eibar would give us a lot for the month of April’

Athletic faces an important game this Saturday against Eibar in their fight not to let go of the European fight through LaLiga, but it is difficult to ignore the two Cup finals that are coming up in April, on the 3rd against La Liga. Real Sociedad and the 17 against Barça. All the fans have their sights set on these two games that will be played in just fifteen days, something undoubtedly historic.

Despite this and the fact that the players are naturally also excited about these two appointments, the dressing room has to focus on the most immediate, on the commitment to the gunsmiths that will be played in San Mamés from two in the afternoon. “I think we are staying on the sidelines. Now is the best. You have to focus on the day-to-day, first at Eibar and then we have two weeks to prepare for the two finals. It is one of the best years of our career, if not the best. It is special, but you have to keep a cool head and work every day. Winning on Saturday would be very important to get to April well ”, he said. Mikel
Vesga in Lezama.

The set of Jose
Beg He arrives very needy in Bilbao. The Gipuzkoans occupy relegation positions and have ten league games without winning, with seven defeats and three draws. “The importance of the game for them is great, but also for us. In the League we are not starting as we would like and a victory on Saturday would not give much for the month of April. We are going to give everything, we are a team that stands out for giving the maximum, the best ”, added the Gasteiztarra.

Winning a Cup title “is the dream we all seek”, but the midfielder considers that it does not help much “to walk all day talking about it.” “It will create nervousness, you have to go little by little. It is true that people are excited, but the League is what gives us for next year, we have to get up there in the classification. I think it is important to add the three points, if we want to look up this victory is vital. Opportunities are running out and we cannot miss them ”, he added.

We would be confused if we think that the Eibar situation could make it easier for us

Vesga believes that the team would be wrong thinking that Eibar may be easier to win due to the difficult situation they are going through. Unlike. He thinks that this will make them dangerous in San Mamés. “We would be confused if we think that the Eibar situation could make it easier for us. They need to win and against Athletic it’s always nice to play. They are going to go all out, they are going to make it very difficult for us. It will be a very competitive match. You have to go out to hurt them, to attack them. We will have to have a very complete meeting to leave the three points in Bilbao ”, he acknowledged.

What are the virtues of the gunsmith team? “It is a team that is always on top, very uncomfortable to play. Press on your field, they always send balls forward and make you play for a long time on your back. He is a difficult opponent because it is difficult for you to get out of your field. We have to try to play more in their field and be strong in the disputes that they propose. From there, we will be very strong to add the three points ”, he affirmed.