Athletic Bilbao: The Williams brothers, pure speed

The speed of Iñaki
Williams. The forward of the Athletic He has shown it on numerous occasions. It even has some of the records of the League in acceleration. Now his brother Nico it is not lagging behind.

This was demonstrated in the friendly played yesterday on Bilbao
Athletic in He
Sardinero against him Racing
Eleven minutes after the restart, Nico
Williams controlled the ball almost in the rojiblancos area and, in a quick transition, he planted himself in the area of Racing without any rival could reach him.

The play has been shared through their social networks by the play itself and in it the similarities between the two brothers are evident. Iñaki
Williams He stood out in his early years in the first team thanks to his rides down the right wing. It was a nightmare for the rival full-backs. In recent seasons, however, he has changed position in the field to become the center forward of reference in attack. Still, in that position he has also brought out his speed whenever he could. Some of his best goals have come this way, out-speeding rival defenders.

For its part, Nico
Williams points the same ways in a play of power and speed as the one he made against him Racing
Santander. He only lacked the goal award. However, he failed to hit the shot after crossing the entire field.

For Nico
Williams This is his first season in the subsidiary team of the Athletic to which he has risen from the juvenile.