Athletic Bilbao: The umpteenth ridicule of Spanish football on behalf of La Cartuja

Found positions. Yesterday morning the possibility of having an audience in the two Cup finals that Athletic will play in April was opened, but in the afternoon the Minister of Health showed her resounding rejection of this possibility.

When everything indicated that the two games for the title would be played behind closed doors, as all the games are being played so far, the Junta de Andalucía changed the step. This body would have considered having a capacity of between 20 and 25% in La Cartuja in the commitments against Real Sociedad and Barça. The Federation, the body responsible for organizing the KO tournament, confirmed the news advanced yesterday morning by Cadena Ser. Apparently, the proposal comes from the government led by Juanma Moreno and would go through putting in the Sevillian stadium between 12,000 and 15,000 viewers.

But in the afternoon the pitcher of cold water was one of those that make an epoch. Carolina
Darias, the Minister of Health, showed her resounding rejection and her intention to work so that there is no fans in the Sevillian stadium: “I want to be clear and forceful: it is not adequate, it is not appropriate and it is not convenient. We have approved a series of coordinated actions with which during the celebration of Saint Joseph’s Day, Holy Week and the following week we were going to have perimeter closures to limit mobility and social contacts ”.

The Federation would work with the objective of putting between 12,000 and 15,000 spectators in La Cartuja

The head of Spanish health and working for a solution to the pandemic reiterated that it is not the time to put the public on the football fields. “We have to overcome this situation, wait for the vaccines to take effect. This minister is going to work trying to find a consensus so that this public attendance does not take place ”, he said.

In this situation, today there will be a summit in the soccer city of Las Rozas to discuss matters related to the first final. The Federation has summoned Athletic and Real Sociedad to a meeting that will begin at four in the afternoon. Luis Rubiales will preside over the conclave, which will also be attended by a delegation from the Junta de Andalucía headed by the Secretary General for Sports, Jose
Suburb, and a representation of the CSD.


If the intention to introduce the public had not found the resounding no from the Government of Spain, in this meeting the number of tickets that would correspond to each club could have been awarded, which could be between 30 and 35%. Tickets would go on sale in Seville and not in Bizkaia or Gipuzkoa, but now everything has been waiting for events and for the different actors to agree, although it seems that in this case the sanitary regulations imposed by the Ministry of Health.

In any case, on those dates the perimeter closure of the entire Basque Autonomous Community will still be in force, so no fan residing in the Basque Country could travel to Seville to witness the match live. It would have to be Andalusian citizens who bought the tickets to see the game live. In this sense, Athletic could start with a certain advantage since it has many more clubs than Real in Andalusia.

“I want to be clear and forceful: it is not opportune or convenient,” said the Minister of Health

The Basque Government already warned in previous days about a possible celebration of the fans that win the title, be it rojiblanca or txuri urdin, and yesterday its spokesperson, Bingen
Zupiria, He also showed his disagreement that there may be a public in La Cartuja. “We do not have direct information, nor do we know if they have contacted Athletic and Real Sociedad, but it does not seem the best time to invite the public to attend a football match. In Euskadi it is forbidden to leave the Community. The health situation does not advise any displacement, “said the politician.

Soccer stadiums have been empty for more than a year. Athletic played its last match with the public in San Mamés on March 1, 2020 against Villarreal, with 30,350 spectators in the stands, and the last time it played a match with the fans was a week later, at José Zorrilla de Valladolid, match that ended with a rojiblanca win (1-4). From that moment, the State of Alarm was decreed and football did not recover until the weekend of June 13 and 14, but with the stadiums closed tight. No one could hope that this situation could last that long. It seems that it will continue like this for a while longer.