Athletic Bilbao: The money that Bilbao has spent to organize the European Championship

The Bilbao City Council, the Biscay Provincial Council and the Basque Government have spent 1.3 million euros to host Euro 2021 in San Mamés. UEFA withdrew the organization to the Biscayan capital in April and granted it to Seville due to the sanitary conditions imposed by the Urkullu executive to allow a 25% capacity in the field where Athletic plays. These measures were almost impossible to comply with in June, when the national team tournament should begin, due to the poor evolution of the pandemic that today improves little by little.

Ochandiano, Councilor for Economic Development, confirmed today that 1.3 million euros have already been spent and that his intention is to recover all the money invested, “one hundred percent of the expense incurred.” The politician has advanced that his legal services are studying a lawsuit against UEFA and the Spanish Federation for breaking the contract signed between the parties “without any argument.”

Ochandiano He added that they have contracts signed with suppliers that they will not be able to fulfill, so they will have to pay compensation, which can raise the figure to 1.6 or 1.7 million euros.

The councilor has also advanced some of the intentions of the highest European football body for the matches that were to be held in San Mamés: he proposed that masks should not be used in the VIP area and that the capacity should rise to 50%. Likewise, he has highlighted the comparative grievance with respect to Munich, which continues to be the headquarters despite the fact that its mayor has advanced that the presence of the public will depend on the health situation, and has wondered if the Federation chaired by Lewis
Rubiales he was negotiating with Seville with the Bilbao contract still in force.