Athletic Bilbao: The grand final for the jackpot

All season to a single letter. Bilbao Athletic is playing today the promotion to the Second Division against Burgos (Francisco de la Hera, 20 hours, with arbitration from Madrid Perez
Hernandez). The cubs have remained in the privileged positions throughout the Second B season and managed to certify their place in the playoff at the end of the third day of Phase 2, when there were still three games to go. Finally, the team of Joseba
Etxeberria he was second in this cycle. The first rojiblanco subsidiary eliminated Celta B in the semifinal last weekend and only has one step left to complete the goal.

For this they will have to beat Burgos, either in regulation time or in extra time. There will be no penalty shoot-out and the draw benefits the Castilians as first in the group in the regular league. Those led by Julian
Calero They have taken 10 points from Celta B and Zamora and their goal is to achieve a place in the silver division of state soccer. For something it is a historical set.

Possible alignments of Burgos – Bilbao Athletic

The mission, therefore, will not be easy. The rival of the cubs is an experienced team that makes its solidity behind one of its main weapons and that likes to have controlled games. No surprises or back-and-forth crashes that could benefit affiliates like Bilbao Athletic with more youth and physique in their legs.

A solid team

Calero has a very defined eleven, in which several footballers stand out, among them the Argentine goalkeeper Barovero. Alvaro
Rodriguez it’s a cannon on the right side, Raul
Navarrese Y Saul
Berjon they are two experienced footballers, Miki
Muñoz Mumo’Is a different midfielder in the center of the field and his reference above is Juanma
Garcia, the top scorer of the team with nine goals in his locker. In addition, it has three footballers with a past in Lezama as Unai
Elgezabal, Galder
Locksmith Y William, who after recovering from his injury usually forms in attack in the 4-4-2 of the Madrid coach.

But Bilbao Athletic also has its weapons. Joseba
Etxeberria on Thursday he was very confident in his team’s chances. “We have players who can make a difference, confidence is absolute. If we are at our best level, we can beat anyone, “said the rojiblanco coach.

Bilbao Athletic has plenty of arguments to be able to beat Burgos. In the last matches of the second phase of the League, he suffered casualties of important players, but he already has almost everyone at his disposal, except the goal. Agirrezabala Y Tascon. The doubt is Victor
Bartholomew, who broke his nose against Celta B and if necessary will wear a protective mask as they used at the time Yeray Y Aduriz.

The prize is very succulent. Athletic’s second team has not played in the second category since the 2015-16 season, when the tenant on the bench was Joseph
Ziganda. You are now one step away from achieving it.