Athletic Bilbao: ‘The decision was not fair’

Son tan It has already started its new stage in Osasuna. After spending a year without playing with Bilbao Athletic for not wanting to renew, the right-back has been presented as a red player and has referred to it to the media. “In this life you don’t have to be spiteful, but the decision was not fair. They separated me, they decided that way and I prefer not to enter into evaluations, ”said the player.

“I am very excited and happy to be here, it is where I wanted to be. It is a return home, the other day when I arrived in Tajonar many memories came to my head. I am where I want to be. It has been a hard year for me, a year of learning, you have to get the positive side, not stay with the negative, “he added.

The one from Cascante stated that there were interests of various clubs in taking over his services, but he did not doubt it when Braulio, the sports director of Osasuna, contacted him. “It’s the team I’ve always wanted to be on. I was here 5 years ago, I am from the house, I am Navarrese, I have a special Navarrese feeling and an Osasunist feeling ”, he added.

The defender values ​​his four seasons in Lezama as a learning stage. “The last year has been a little weirder due to the pandemic and everything that has happened has been three years of learning in which I have improved as a footballer and as a person. Now I see the light at the end of the tunnel. I am where I want to be ”, he reiterated.

The defender stated that first it was the decision not to renew for Athletic and then accept Osasuna’s offer: “First I made the decision not to renew with Athletic, which I think was the necessary one at that time, and then the interest of several teams, but since Osasuna appeared, I already told my agent that I was only thinking of accepting Osasuna’s offer ”.

The Athletic president stated at the time that he did not understand that a footballer did not want to play for the rojiblanco team and there was a player who said that the dream of every Basque footballer from Navarre was to play for Athletic. Son tan he offered his opinion on these two considerations. “The dream will be yours because mine has always been to play here, in Osasuna. You are wrong. It globalizes and puts many in the bag. I’m not in that bag and I’m in the bag to play in Pamplona and Osasuna ”.