Athletic Bilbao: Muniain’s great illusion in this preseason

No signings are intuited in the Athletic beyond Petxarroman, but there are several puppies who will try to convince Marcelino and stay in the first team. Iker Muniain, as captain and youth squad, he proudly watches the performance of the youngsters. “It’s one of the things that excites me the most at the start of each season. I have been adding preseason for many years and every time new boys come with enormous conditions, one is excited and gives life, “said the Navarrese.

Muniain he puts himself in “his position” when he sees them: “I have also experienced that, I know what it is to do the preseason with the first team and have to do things well to gain the confidence of the coach.” The 10 was “optimistic for the future” based on what he has seen from Nico Williams, Prados, Agirrezabala and company. “When they adapt to the rhythm of the first team, to the competition and as they have opportunities, they will surely bring us many joys,” he concluded.