Athletic Bilbao: Marcelino: ‘We have the illusion of being champions’

Marcelino He has been convinced of his team’s chances to win the Cup final against Real Sociedad tomorrow. “We don’t look at who we’re up against because we have the utmost respect for everyone. You have to have the utmost humility to respect all teams equally and at the same time have the illusion of being champions and see how we can be superior to a very good team, “said the Asturian at the press conference prior to playing for him. KO tournament title match.

Athletic did not leave a very good taste in the mouth in the last league game played against Eibar. Tomorrow’s is another story. “We are all aware that this game is different. In the mentality it can also be, then there is the success against the rival goal. I am absolutely convinced that they are prepared and will resolve any situation that arises during the game, “he added.

The coach has affirmed that they have managed to give normality to work during these fifteen days, without putting pressure on tomorrow’s appointment. “We have managed to give a normality to the preparation and the control of emotions. We enjoyed it a year later, I think that for us it has the same enthusiasm and motivation as then, we face it with the conviction of achieving this victory ”, he stated.

The coach has pointed out what can be the most important thing, that which tips the balance to one side or the other: “The key is going to be who masters the details. La Real plays good football, they have an identity since Imanol has been in charge, but what they are going to decide is to specify the opportunities, make good decisions and make as little mistakes as possible. If these circumstances occur we will have victory much closer ”.

Marcelino has not wanted to put any but to the fact that Unai Simon and Iñigo
Martinez will play the ninety minutes on Wednesday against Kosovo. “We are happy that they have played, it means that they are important for the national team. We are happy, I would rather have two euphoric players for having played a lot than disappointed for not having played at all ”.

Finally, he has advanced what his last message to the squad will be: “Very simple, enjoy this game, we are privileged to be here and have the chance to play it. Today everyone would like to be Athletic and Real footballers and for a dream to come true. We have to enjoy it. We do not know if it will be repeated, fortunately in our case it is because in 15 days we will play another final against Barça, but it took us 17 years as professionals to play a final for the first time ”.