Athletic Bilbao: Marcelino does not marry anyone

Williams He has not scored twelve games and Raul
Garcia, nine. They are undoubtedly two very important footballers in Athletic, but there are others, such as Asier
Villalibre, who have been hitting hard from behind and perhaps have earned the right to be starters.

Marcelino He referred to this circumstance without citing names and his way of managing the starting and substitute positions in the rojiblanco team. “Whoever hits hard ends up playing. We will see what the solution is. We arrived here in January, when you arrive in the middle of the season and at the beginning the results and the efficiency and the performance of the attacking players are so good … Then, in a short time, that efficiency drops. You try to get it back. If it continues, we will make different decisions, which can be right or wrong, ”said the rojiblanco coach.

The Asturian is clear that if a footballer is effective against the opposing goal and deserves to be a starter, “he must be given that role in justice.” “I try to be as fair as possible. It is evident that our offensive efficiency has dropped a lot, we will try to recover it so as not to remain in draws. We had opportunities to score more points in these last five draws. The only way is to continue working with strength, enthusiasm and with the conviction that streaks come and go ”, he added.