Athletic Bilbao: Marcelino considers the sanction to Iñigo Martínez ‘unfair’

Toral has assessed today the sanction of four games to Iñigo
Martinez imposed by the Competition Committee. The coach has confirmed that the center-back will travel to Valencia with the wish that Appeal hear Athletic’s appeal and reduce the punishment. “It has surprised us, both the club and the footballers and me. We believe that it is unfair given the action for which it is sanctioned. The entity is already working on the resource. We perceive that there were precedents not too distant in time with a very similar situation and the punishment was not that serious. To punish a player with four games for this action is considered unfair. He is going to travel to Valencia, until we are told otherwise, he will be available ”, said the coach.

The coach has recognized that the action is “avoidable”, but has reiterated that the punishment is completely disproportionate. “He already took it badly at the same time. Although it is an avoidable situation, it is not punishable. Then there would be multiple expelled at the end of the games. It is seen that there is no obvious force for the footballer to fall to the ground. Without further ado, it happened, we must avoid it but that’s it, “he said.

In the event that Appeal confirms the sanction, it would be possible to request the precautionary, but this would have an associated risk, the possibility that the center of Ondarroa could lose the final of day 3 against Real Sociedad. The rojiblanco coach did not want to assess this assumption. “I don’t decide those things, I decide the lineups. I believe in the immediate, which is that the right thing prevails. In that case, the club will decide and I will support the decision ”, he stated.