Athletic Bilbao: ‘I hope football will give us back what we lost in the other final, we deserve it’

Athletic suffered a major disappointment on the 3rd at La Cartuja. The defeat in the final against Real Sociedad left the rojiblanco changing room touched, but this week it is time to recover the spirit to focus on the other match for the Cup title, this coming Saturday against Barça. “After a tough week, it’s time to turn this loss around. We are very excited. It is a very important challenge, three months ago we managed to beat Real Madrid and Barça in the Super Cup. If we do a good group role, we are capable of winning the Cup ”, he stated. Dani garcia today in Lezama.

The midfielder added that they arrive with a knife between their teeth to prepare for such an important match as it deserves: “It is one of the most important games of my life. I hope that football gives us back what we lost the other time, we deserve it. From today on we are going to fully prepare ourselves to win that Cup ”.

The one from Zumarraga has also made an analysis of what could happen to them against Real Sociedad. “It was a derby. Honestly, I saw the team calm and when the referee whistles there was more tension than normal that makes you not play as you know. Also on their part, it was honestly an ugly football game. They took advantage of the opportunities they had and we did not. We have made a clean slate, in the last two league games we have not won but at times we have seen the Athletic we love. It is a great option to lift a title with Athletic and it also takes you to Europe. Winning the Super Cup, the Cup and also qualifying for Europe would be milk “, he highlighted.

Garcia He does not believe that Barça will be affected by the fact of having lost the classic with Real Madrid on Saturday, his eternal rival. “They will come with the same pressure because they are the favorites. They have the pressure to win the title because it is Barça. I don’t think that asking for it will take its toll on them because they are more used to these things than we are. They are favorites, but our illusion is double theirs. It is difficult because they are one of the best teams in Europe, but we have already shown that we can beat them. They are favorites, but they will have eleven in front of them who are going to leave everything behind and die on the pitch ”, he stated.