Athletic Bilbao: ‘He has great physical and mental strength’

Yeray he overcame testicular cancer in 2017. At the end of December 2016, Athletic announced that the defender suffered from a tumor on which he underwent surgery days later. At the beginning of February he reappeared at the Camp Nou, but in the summer he had to leave the U21 concentration camp due to a relapse and in September he returned to training with the group.

Everything has been in a bad dream and the Barakaldo center-back has recovered his best level. His ability to overcome the disease and recover a great football tone is another facet to highlight. “One of these things takes you down for a while. It has cost him, but he has succeeded. I suppose they have helped you, but the credit is 90% yours. This shows that he has great strength, not only physical but also psychological. It is to congratulate you, “he says. Iñigo

The merit is twofold. “Being at this level after overcoming this disease says a lot about how he is as a person and as a professional. It would not be easy at all to move forward with this situation, but it kept going. You are glad that he was able to get over that moment and that he is doing so well contributing so much to the team. He is a born fighter. As an Athletic fan, I am glad that everything is going so well for him, contributing so much to the group and demonstrating the security that he shows ”, he assures Luis

For its part, Oskar
Vouchers highlights that he has shown “to be a strong player”. “It has personality. It is very positive that they speak well of the players and more for Yeray After everything that’s happened He gives me the feeling that he is a person with a well furnished head. I am sure that he is a great professional and will want to continue improving ”, adds the one from Basauri.