Athletic Bilbao: Deserved rest for all

Welcome to these 40 days of rest. The curtain, in the form of the first training session in Lezama, does not open until July 7, San Fermín. Hopefully he welcomes us under his mantle and gives us his blessing for next season’s long race surrounded by dangerous Spaniards.

The goal of the promotion to Urkiola has already been exceeded for another year. I imagine the players facing the mythical port of Duranguesado with the blue summer tune and headdresses with all sorts of costumes, all of them very globeros. They deserve a long disconnect, almost as much as their fans. The course has been very hard, like an out of category.

What a season.
was fired from the red-and-white ship, and arrived
, in full pandemic. And without an audience in the stadiums, we faced a Super Cup where they waited for us like a stone guest. We gave them fright and death. The title was valid for a whole season.

Then, when there were more expectations and enthusiasm, the two anthological slaps in the Cup. KO by default in both. Humiliated, and with their heads elsewhere (see the situation of
, which even leaves the selection).

Only the arrival of young blood has allowed us to face the end of the season. And still, three defeats as an epilogue without scoring a goal. Some were already on vacation. Next season I predict more competitiveness in the rojiblanca squad.

In the Women’s, bad news, wandering around the League and throwing out his brand new coach signed from the elite, and with

to also leaving Lezama after a great year. Well that, new life. Enjoy the Euro without nerves, already far from Bilbao.