Athletic Bilbao: Dani: ‘It’s the biggest dislike I have’

The Cup final will be played behind closed doors like all the games of the last year, since the Covid-19 pandemic made an appearance. “It’s the biggest dislike I have,” he says. Dani.

The former captain launches a call for responsibility. “The message is that you have to hold back, be Athletic fans with order and knowledge of what is happening in the world. One of the biggest sadnesses that it gives me is when I see the obituaries and an Athletic shield next to it. I see you are a partner or a hobbyist. Obviously I respect everyone else, but I put him now as an example because it is Athletic that is going to be the protagonist these days. We must respect for all those people who have left in this epidemic. It would be a disaster if we win a final there is no respect for what is happening ”, he assures.