Athletic Bilbao: Aduriz is part of a ranking led by Messi

The numbers of Aritz aduriz throughout their professional career they have already remained in history. The Donostiarra marked an era in the rojiblanco team, especially from 30 years onwards, when he brought out his entire repertoire against the opposing goal with spectacular goals that are already etched forever in the memory of the rojiblanca fans.

Now a record has become known that says a lot about how important he was in the teams in which he played. The data has been provided by the Twitter account @2010MisterChip of MisterChip
(Alexis)The Gipuzkoan is the sixth player in the history of the League who has scored the first goal of the game the most times. He opened the can of matches 66 times.

How could it be otherwise, this ranking tops it Messi, with 101, and ahead of the ex-lion are Hugo
Sanchez (76), Raul (76), Christian
Ronaldo (75) and Quini (68).