Athletic begins the concentration of Switzerland

Athletic faces the second part of the 2021-22 preseason. The rojiblancos will exercise in Lezama from 10:15 and at 1:30 p.m. they will take a bus to Loiu airport to travel on a charter flight to Switzerland, where they will carry out a preparation stage that will last for nine days. until Saturday, July 24. The chosen place is the town of Sankt Gallen, located in the northeast of the Swiss country and which has a characteristic that coaches and especially physical preparations like a lot, the possibility of working at height. Not surprisingly, it is one of the highest cities in Switzerland that has heavy snowfalls in winter.

Before going on vacation, Marcelino He has already expressed his desire to carry out a stage of these characteristics. “It will be good for us to be together, outside the usual space for a week,” he said. In addition to continuing to take physical load, the objective is to work on coexistence in the face of a course in which there will be three competitions at stake, League, Cup and Super Cup.

In this way, the lions will have closed the first phase of preparation that began on July 7 with the first training session in Lezama. It has been nine intense days, with triple work sessions in some of them. The preseason started somewhat bumpy with up to eight injured and the positive of Mikel
Vesga. Subsequently, some of them have recovered (Yeray Y Williams), but instead Iñigo
Martinez Y Muniain They have exercised more alone than with the group due to various physical problems.

However, the most worrying situation is that of Yuri
Berchiche, who continues to have pubic discomfort and a surgical operation is not ruled out, something that would keep him out for approximately two months. It would be an important absence in the first leg of the competition.

Preseason setbacks

Black pudding also tested positive for Covid-19, the same as the coaching staff analyst Bruno
Uria Y Juan
Artola, one of the five puppies called to carry out the preseason with the first team, is isolated at his home due to being in close contact with a relative affected by coronavirus.

The rojiblanco team will spend nine days (from July 16 to 24) in this enclave located in height

The stage will also serve to see the team in action again. Unlike other pre-seasons, no previous friendly have been played before the concentration. It will be in Switzerland when the status of the lions can begin to be calibrated. Marcelino He has chosen important rivals for this. Tomorrow comes the first test, the lightest, against the local team (4pm, Kybunpark). FC St. Gallen finished seventh last season in the Swiss league. Things get complicated three days later with the match against Dynamo Kiev (Tuesday, 3pm, Winterthur). The Ukrainians have doubled in the League and in the Cup and eleven of their players have played in the European Championship. The final firework comes on the last day with the friendly against Borussia Dortmund (4pm, Kybunpark), which has in its ranks one of the great world attractions in football, the Norwegian Erling

Then the team will return to Lezama to start the third phase of the preseason. There will be three weeks ahead to prepare thoroughly for the clash against Elche on the first day of LaLiga 2021-22.