Athletic-Barça: Muniain this time does not touch the Cup

Muniain This time he did not touch the Cup trophy when the two teams took to the pitch to play the 2020-21 Cup final against Barça. The rojiblanco captain did so in the previous final played against Real Sociedad, which is why he received criticism on social networks. The superstition that the player’s team that does something like this ends up losing was fulfilled again in Seville.

The Navarrese was asked yesterday what he planned to do before starting today’s appointment. “Those are decisions that each one makes. The Cups, the trophies, are not won or lost because one touches them, they are won on the field. The merits you do to win them is what will lead you to achieve it or not ”, he explained.

Regarding whether he would repeat this action today, Muniain indicated that “I don’t know, I’ll check it out with my pillow.”