Athletic: Athletic midfielders must score more

Nor is it that they ask for half a dozen goals per season, but something more should be provided. You can’t trust almost everything to the trident’s ability to perform, although throughout the course just concluded there have been a dozen soccer players who have joined the scoring cause. For next season, Dani García, Mikel Vesga and Unai López They are going to be, fundamentally, the supporters of the midfield game, leaving aside the attacking midfielders, who, as in the case of Muniain It will also play from behind.

The work of this trio will be decisive, in subjection of the rival above all, but if their participation in the elaboration of the attack game increases, better than better; and if they write down, honey on flakes. They just left Beñat and San JoséAlthough they had not scored in the league in their last campaign – Igorre’s against Intercity did in the Copa del Rey – they used to give realizing breath, they used to score.

The Biscayan is not that he left, but some fell, as in the 14/15 season, with a pair of league goals, and in the next there were three, because when he achieved so much in the regularity competition he was added a pair in the Europa League.

Saint Joseph

With respect to Saint Joseph, there were seasons in which he scored up to five times in the League in three consecutive seasons (12/13, 13/14 and 14/15) and until the last two he had always joined the bandwagon. His addition to the corner kicks was a certificate of danger to the concern of the opposing teams. Who could have their finishing power in the highest!

Now it is the turn, mainly, to a trio that to date is not distinguished by this work. In fact, last season he only scored Unai López, in Pucela, after a masterful throw of a foul. Neither Dani García or Vesga they wrote down. The one from Zumarraga is still not wet after two exercises and the gasteiztarra was close, but he did not succeed in this course either.

The power of Peru

And the homegrown players who come from behind do not seem to be asked to raise the bar much, among other things because it will be difficult to have many minutes to consolidate. Expired
r is a footballer who can join this work, but will he have a lot of detail?

Who, perhaps, better has it will be Nolaskoain, who to a certain extent remembers San José for his facility for the overlooked auction. But it seems complicated that I can play regularly having Garitano Dani García, Vesga -What a spurt he hit in the final leg of the League! – and Unai López as, supposedly, first options.