Athletic: Another case like those of Remiro or Areso, but in reverse

Mikel Vesga, 27, came to Lezama in the 2013-14 season from Alavés. He did not have it easy in Gasteiz during his last months as an Albiazul player. The babazorro club, in the manner and manner of what has happened for some time at Athletic with Alex Remiro and is happening now with Jesús Areso, decided that if he did not want to continue in Vitoria because he had agreed to leave with another club, better not be aligned.

Vesga himself explained that situation to MD: “At that time he was at Alavés B, in Third. In January or February we started talking with Athletic, I decided that I was going to come and in July it was confirmed. We did the paperwork, I joined Bilbao Athletic, it was the year of promotion that we enjoyed so much, then Second A and until today, I am in the first team ”.

Returning to his departure from Alavés, along with Alday, Valverde’s nephew: Vesga recalled that “It was hard because both Ander and I went about five months without playing. Eleven games in total. At that time, what we wanted was to play. Training and not being able to compete cost us a bit, but everything went well. I ended up here and I’m happy with everything that happened to me at Athletic ”.

The name of Vesga, curiously, appeared a few months ago as a possible reinforcement of Alavés. Athletic, however, made it clear that they had their services.

After playing for two years at Bilbao Athletic he went up to the first team hand in hand with Valverde in the 2016-17 campaign, but in the winter market he was loaned out to Sporting. Back home with Ziganda and departure with Berizzo, this time to Leganés. Garitano recovered him and now he has just renewed for three more years. Throughout these four seasons as a lion, the Gasteiztarra has 69 games with a goal under his belt