Athletc de Bilbao: Strengthen Amore in Second

A shame the defeat of Bilbao Athletic de
in the extension of the final for promotion to Second. Huge the two seasons of the cubs under the tutelage of coach elgoibartarra. The club wanted the subsidiary in Second so that their promises go up more fiery to the first team. It is a plausible premise. Well, we already have Amorebieta in the silver category after the blues’ smash carried out by defeating the favorite Badajoz on their pitch at Nuevo Vivero.

Now is the time to reinforce him – if they want to, of course, this should never be colonization, for the record. Both on a technical level and on the grass. It is an unbeatable opportunity to reinforce the quarry and the Biscayan football.

Great opportunities, perhaps much more solid, have already been lost with Baraka or Sestao, who were allowed to die. It is time to do things right, to obtain a strong benefit from both parties.

Numancia, Burgos, Logroñés, Mirandés have become strong with players from our quarry, why not Amore, a few minutes from Lezama. Let’s play our cards with ambition and honesty.