Athjletic-Real Sociedad: Guadalupe Porras: ‘I’m here to do the same as my teammates’

Truncheons, the first woman to be part of the refereeing trio in a Cup final, appeared today before the media together with the main referee, Estrada
Fernandez, and the other assistant. Robert
Alonso. “Hopefully the day will come when this does not make the news, when highlighting that a woman is there is only done for her work. There is no distinction to be made for being a woman or a man. I hope the day will come when we don’t look at who’s in the band, we just judge that person by what they do, which is work. I work in the same way as my colleagues, I am here to do the same as them, without distinction of sex or gender. The day will come when this becomes news ”, said the linesman in La Cartuja.

Truncheons She has been very satisfied to be able to be in the band of the Sevillian stadium tomorrow. “Everybody likes to get to these kinds of games. I just hope that tomorrow things turn out well as they have been up to now. It will be a very special day ”, he added.

Guadeloupe he was a military man at the time. This has served him well in his personal life and also in his current profession. “All these years as a soldier have helped me to contribute all the values ​​that I have. It has been thanks to all those years of baggage ”, said the assistant. One of these values ​​is discipline, as he has stated.

For its part, Robert
Alonso, the lineman who will act in the other band, has affirmed that with the VAR many things have changed. “It helps you, we work differently, we are more communicative with each other. Absolutely everything is checked. It gives the feeling that the assistants are delaying the flag, but it has to be like that. In some aspects, the way we work and communicate has changed ”, he stated.

In this way, Guadeloupe
Truncheons has added that they are a team. There is no distinction between who is on the field and in the VAR. This is essential, we always work as a team ”, he stated.