“At Ferrari they never supported Vettel like Schumacher”

Bernie Ecclestone He is characterized by always saying what he thinks, without hair on his tongue, and on this occasion, the former boss of Formula 1 did not hesitate to criticize Ferrari for the management they have made of a four-time world champion in their team as Vettel
, who will leave
Maranello at the end of this season with practically no weight options to continue in the F1
. Bernie believes that the Teutonic pilot did not receive the necessary support from the Italian firm and that there was never the same harmony between the pilot and the firm compared to another German world champion of the stature of Michael Schumacher.

“There was never the same magic between Ferrari and he who was between Schumacher and the Italian team. In the team and the management they never supported Vettel in the same way that they did with Michael ”, Ecclestone assures in ‘F1-insider’, a German portal related to Vettel to which the four-time champion already leaked several news prior to the announcement of his final goodbye of Ferrari.

Vettel, in the past Barcelona tests with Ferrari

In this sense, Bernie urged Mercedes to consider the option of Sebastian Vettel seriously to take the place of a Valtteri
Bottas that in 2020 his renewal will be played in the star team. Ecclestone considers that having the last German champion of the F1 it would be a great marketing opportunity for a firm like Mercedes, although he does not speak of what this would entail within the team, with two roosters sharing the same corral as Hamilton and Vettel.

I think the moment we are going through, Mercedes should consider committing to a German hero like Sebastian.
It would be a great emotional boost for employees and would also send positive signals abroad. Vettel’s media impact on Mercedes would be enormous. ”

Vettel, in the past Barcelona tests with Ferrari
Vettel, in the past Barcelona tests with Ferrari