Asensio’s girlfriend explodes: ‘I’m with Marco because I love him beyond money or interest’

Just over a year after making their relationship official on the occasion of Sergio Ramos’ wedding, Marco Asensio and Sandra Garal continue wasting happiness and love wherever they go. However, not everything is joy around the couple.

Before meeting the Real Madrid player Sandra worked as a waitress in a well-known nightclub in Madrid while finishing his architecture degree. And, as often happens in these cases, ‘Haters’ flood their social networks with negative comments every day, ensuring that the young woman is with the footballer out of interest.

Some gossip with which the model wanted to end today, taking advantage of the fact that he was answering a series of questions from his followers on Instagram: “Marco has so many good things that any woman could fall in love with him as much as I … ”, Garal started.

“I’m with Marco because I love him and I am happy by his side “

And he continued: “I’m with Marco because I love him and I am happy by his side and for me happiness is the most important thing in life. More than money, fame or interest, ”Sandra stated bluntly.

Asensio’s girlfriend explodes in the networks

Interest in between or not, the truth is that the couple is more in love than ever. At least this is clear from the photos they share on their respective social media profiles.

In fact, this same summer We have seen them pose the most smiling on board a boat in the waters of the Majorca Asensio’s birthplace. There, Sandra was able to spend a few days with the family of the young midfielder, giving one more sample that their relationship is very serious.