Asensio: ‘I’m going to continue at Madrid’

Marco Asensio, forward of Real Madrid and of the Olympic Selection that will represent Spain in the Tokyo Games, confirmed his continuity in the white club in an interview with the newspaper As in which he took stock of the last season and where he spoke of his expectations with Carlo Ancelotti.

“I do not contemplate another alternative, my intention is to continue in the Real
Madrid, to be great here and to contribute the most. I have a lot to give to the club, ”says the Balearic attacker, who confesses to being physically and mentally recovered from the serious knee injury he suffered almost two years ago in a pre-season friendly match. “Now I am 100% recovered from those mental barriers that appear with injuries like this. I am perfectly capable of performing at 100% ”, insists Asensio.

“I will live up to what Ancelotti wait for me. I had a little chat with him and he gave me very good feelings, with very clear ideas. He has a lot of experience and I’m sure I’ll learn a lot from him, ”says Asensio, who doesn’t forget Zidane. “We have always had a great relationship and we have said things clearly,” says the Spaniard, who regrets not having had more prominence in the final stretch of last season. “He decided not to put me from the semifinals against him Chelsea. It hurt me because I was 100%, on a scoring streak … but there was no other, ”laments Asensio, partly surprised by the coach’s departure.

“They are his decisions, he will have his reasons and I don’t know them. If he has, it is because it was the best for him. I have great affection for him for everything he has helped me, ”says the winger, who also wishes Ramos the best. “I thought he was going to stay, I wish him good luck. I sent him a message of gratitude, he is an example for young people ”, he points out.