‘As a coach and partner, what I see in Lezama reassures me because there is a lot of future

Joseba Etxeberria does not beat around the bush. The now Bilbao Athletic coach took advantage of the press conference after the match against Real Unión to make a fiery defense of his team, group leader, and of work in Lezama. The ex-lion claims to feel and calm with what he sees in the factory because “we have a lot of future.”

Etxebe believes that “beyond the fact that we are first, we have been eight games in a row without losing and on top of that we continue to be the youngest team of all; we are happy because we have a very good future. There are very good players, who are growing a lot. And that leaves me calm, not only from the coach’s point of view, because I don’t know how long I will be here. I am already speaking more from the point of view as a partner, having been a partner for 26 years ”.

The rojiblanco coach insists that “what I see I like, what I see calms me and you just have to see how they compete, how they train, their ambition, how they get along. And that is a great satisfaction ”.

The elgoibartarra index, regarding Bilbao Athletic, that “knowing that it is a very young team, that from last season to this more or less half of the squad has changed and that it is true that we thought that perhaps we were not going to play be as good as last year; right away they take away your reason because You see the ambition they have, how they train and this season we are very happy because we see that there is a lot of future. And that’s the main thing ”.

In this comparison with the previous season, in which the Athletic subsidiary played the playoffs for promotion to Second A, Joseba Etxeberria makes it clear that “We ask this second round that the boys remain the same. It is true that from last season to this one many players have changed, that some are in the first team and others are on loan; but the machine keeps running and that’s the most important thing”.

Finally, Etxebe, leadership and long streak of games without losing apart, maintains that “the most important thing is the players and we see that there is a lot of future. Each time they are overcome. These players have nothing to do with those they were in the preseason and that ambition, that spirit of work and improvement is very good. We as technicians see it. We are going to continue to push them hard, they are in the antechamber of the elite, Lezama is a high-performance center and this cannot stop”.