Artist and with experience in contests: she is the new contestant of ‘Survivors’

Less than a month to go before a new edition of ‘Survivors’ and, little by little, the name of the contestants is being known. The last one is Lara sajen, which a priori is the least media coverage to date.

However, it is a character with experience already in other contests. And is that the young woman participated in the TVE program ‘Masters of Sewing’. What’s more, Lara She is a singer and dancer in one of the most famous groups in our country, ‘Fangoria’.

Born in Buenos Aires in 1977 but he has developed most of his professional career in our country. In fact, she was for a time a love advisor on the home show. ‘Women and men and vice versa’. All this makes her a more familiar face than you might think at first.

The Argentine thus joins the list formed by: The bailaor Antonio Canales; the journalist Alexia Rivas; Marta López; Tom Brusse, from ‘The Island of Temptations’, the very cousin Sylvia Pantoja, Antonio David’s wife, Olga Moreno and the chef Carlos Alba.