Arteta warns: Tierney does not move

In a market that will be somewhat strange, what is clear in the Arsenal is that in no way are they going to let Kieran
Tierney, one of the great projects of the club.

There had been speculation in recent times in the possible departure of the Scottish side towards the Leicester
City as a replacement for Ben
Chilwell, who will most likely leave the club. However, the ‘gunners’ don’t want to hear any offer for the 23-year-old, who after overcoming a serious injury is impressing everyone with his performance.

In special to Mikel
Arteta, who has made it clear that he has Tierney, “Everyone loves him at the club and earns it every day for the way he treats people, how he works and the energy he brings,” he explained to Goal, where he added that “I am delighted with their performances. It has adapted very well. He is a player who gives you everything in every training session and match. It has brought us quality

Tierney He is living his first season at Arsenal after he arrived last summer for € 27m. However, due to his shoulder injury, he has been able to play only 11 games, but he is expected to be a great asset for the future.