Arteta changes Arsenal’s face

It had to be the work of fate. Mikel Arteta He returned to the place that exalted him as a footballer and, from what it seems, the path as a coach goes through the same paths. In what seems almost a symbiosis with Arsenal, the club has taken a 360-degree turn to crown the season by winning the FA Cup.

After years preparing next to Pep Guardiola, Arteta decided to make the leap as head coach in the face of all the challenge posed by the ‘gunners’, a team that seems to have a broken engine for a few seasons now. This was no exception. Unai Emery Not only did he not get good results, but he had serious problems with the squad, with which he was estranged, and he even experienced the episode of disagreement between Granit Xhaka and his fans.

The picture was not so that a novice came in to change things, but Arteta showed the same personality as when he commanded the team at Highbury. With a football of its own, control but without giving up verticality, Arsenal gradually began to trust its idea until it became its own, with constant progress that plugged in footballers like Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang, David Luiz and Dani Ceballos, who have become main actors. Even Xhaka, who seemed more outside than inside.

The results are explained alone. Under the tutelage of Emery, an experienced coach with a positive background, Arsenal was only able to win in 9 of its 26 matches (with 11 draws and 6 losses). The turn with Arteta has been radical. In 28 games Arsenal have won 16 of their matches, drawing and losing only 6.

The impact of San Sebastián is easily explained since football is without fans in the stands. The ambient sound has allowed to meet a coach who constantly gives instructions, encourages and prints the necessary energy so that his players do not disconnect, something that used to be common before at the Emirates Stadium.

All this sum of ingredients are necessary for the recipe of success. Despite the sprint, Arsenal did not enter the Europa League via the Premier League, but they did so with a splendid match in the final of the FA Cup against him Chelsea, in which he had gotten after surpassing his mentor Pep Guardiola. With Wembley as a witness, the ‘gunners’ dominated Chelsea and they had enough faith to make the comeback.

“Arteta has brought us back to happiness”, said a few days ago Granit Xhaka. A summary of the importance of a coach for the group, both in football and in the mood. An excellent start.