Arsenal will not train tomorrow at La Cerámica

The Arsenal does not plan to train in the Ceramic Stadium the day before the first leg of the semifinals of the Europa League, which will confront him this Thursday Villarreal. The English team will hold its last training session in its sports city this coming Wednesday morning, to travel to Spain at noon.

The pandemic situation makes the clubs prefer to carry out their work sessions in their country, with the idea of ​​reducing the chances of contagion. At first, the rival of the yellow team is expected to arrive in Spain and at the Castellón airport around 6:00 p.m., to be concentrated in a central hotel in Castellón.

Arsenal’s Spanish coach, Mikel Arteta, is scheduled to hold his press conference this Wednesday at 10:00 am.

For its part, Villarreal will hold its training session in its sports city in the morning session, after which the usual press conference will take place.

The Castellón team rested this past Monday, so they will carry out two work sessions before this meeting.

Villarreal played their league game this Sunday, while their rival did so last Friday, so the English team will have a couple more days off.