Arsenal closes the doors to Guendouzi

The adventure in the Arsenal for Matteo Guendouzi. That is at least what it seems, since from England they report that the French footballer will no longer wear ‘gunner’.

Arsenal have made the decision to sell the midfielder this coming summer, while now he plays on loan at the Hertha from Berlin, where he has left good moments. This is why the club wants to take advantage of the situation to get money for the footballer, who at 21 has his entire career ahead of him.

There is no turning back for Guendouzi. Football Insider explains that Mikel Arteta wants to get the French out of the way and it is said that they will accept an offer of about 28 million euros. He already wanted the same thing last summer, but they asked for more and his landing in Villarreal did not take place.

The only problem is that this summer to Guendouzi He will only have one year left on his contract, and that may make it difficult for someone to pay for him. What is clear is that he will not play at Arsenal, since he was sentenced after facing Arteta almost as soon as the Spanish arrived, on a stage in Dubai. However, it all broke the glass against Brighton last season, when Guendouzi grabbed Maupay by the neck, which cost a serious discussion between him and the coach that marked the end.