Arsenal believe that their departure from the Super League will take its toll on Odegaard

Odegaard is on loan in the Arsenal until the end of the season and his wish was to continue counting on the Norwegian next season. However, The Sun assures today that in the high authorities of the London club they see it almost impossible for Real Madrid to cede them to Odegaard again. The reason, his departure from the Super League.

The Sun newspaper explains that Florentino Pérez is not willing to help any of the six English clubs that left the Super League causing this new competition to last just 48 hours.

On the other hand, in Germany they report that the high price of Odegaard, more than 60 million euros, is too expensive for Arsenal that has already set itself in Julian Brandt, of Borussia Dortmund whose price is just over 20 million euros.

Odegaard dHe must return to Real Madrid at the end of this season and the club is counting on him, but we will have to see what the Norwegian who left Real Madrid decides for not having minutes with Zidane.