Arrasate: ‘Chimy Ávila is close to returning’

The coach of Osasuna, Jagoba Arrasate has indicated that the Argentine footballer, Chimy Ávila “is close to returning”, Leaving open the possibility that he will enter the squad next week against Huesca.

“It may be soon, I don’t know if next week. The idea is to play a friendly match during the break that will come in handy, all with the idea of ​​having it for those last 10 league games ”, said the coach at the press conference prior to the league clash in tomorrow against Valladolid.

The one from Rosario has not played an official match since January 24, 2020.

After fighting for several months to be ready for the season of the centennial rojillo, the fierce attacker tore his cruciate ligament again in September.

Avila He got down to work as soon as he was operated on to shorten recovery times as much as possible based on effort and faith. His return will be a great emotional boost for a team that is struggling to maintain the category for another year.

“This week has been very good for him because we have done demanding jobs where he has seen that he lacks a little bit, but he The important thing is that physically he is better every day, than his knee he is holding up well and what he lacks is football, accumulating sessions, “said his coach optimistically after taking the media recovery of his player with” normality. “

Osasuna fans already count the days to see his franchise footballer wearing the red jersey with the number 9 on his back with the aim of terrifying the defenses contrary to which last season caused so much havoc.