Argentina, the great absent from the 70 World Cup

It was not the first time that it happened, but it was the most painful until then and also the last one today. Argentina did not attend the World Cup in Mexico 70, considered by many to be the best in history to date, and did not do it on his own merit. Albiceleste had been absent from France 38 dissatisfied with the fact that it was disputed in Europe, Brazil 50 for its distance from the Sports Confederation of that country, and Switzerland 54 because the country is isolated when it comes to sports. But in 1970 his non-presence in the championship responded strictly to the fact of not having qualified for it in the green.

Argentina was framed in the qualifying rounds with Bolivia and Peru, two combined to which he was superior on paper. But the Albiceleste journey in this classification did not start well for Argentina, who even missed a last shot, the errors had been enough to have no options.

It is true that the intervention of the AFA by the then president of the Argentine Nation Juan Carlos Onganía It did not help to create a favorable climate for Albiceleste football, but also that the true protagonists of what happens in the green did not measure up to earn the ticket to Mexico 70.

He missed it by not being able to beat Bolivia and Peru in the playoffs

Directed by a myth like Adolfo Pedernera, the Argentine team fell by 3-1 in La Paz, accusing the height to start the knockout stage with a defeat. A second one happened to it 1-0 at home against Peru, greatly narrowing the margin of error.

Then it was time to react, and Argentina did so in terms of result by beating 1-0 to Bolivia although offering a poor image. And it was a perfect prelude to what happened on August 31, 1969, when The Bombonera, full to the flag, saw the 2-2 against Peru that definitely got off Argentina of the World Cup.

Had the victory been achieved, Albiceleste would have forced a subsequent tiebreaker with Bolivia and Peru to settle what combination should go to Mexico, but a double of the Peruvian ‘Cachito’ Ramírez broke the Argentine illusions. In that match, which came to rest with 0-0 on the scoreboard and high tension making an appearance, those of Pedernera they were always in tow, and although Alberto Rendo He made the aforementioned 2-2 in the 85 ’game to tie the duel for the second time, in the end it was definitive and therefore insufficient.

He had been absent before France 38, Brazil 50 and Switzerland 54

From that difficult digestion of the absence of Argentina at World 70, Albicileste has not only never missed a World Cup, but has also been able to conquer the title in the editions of Argentina 78 and Mexico 86. Ironies of fate. In the same country where he was conspicuous by his absence, 16 years later, with Maradona and company on the pitch, Argentina was champion. But that of Mexico 70, unrepeatable and considered by many to be the best World Cup, he missed.