Arenas, leader of the World Cup, still thinking about going ‘race to race’

The Spanish Albert Arenas (KTM) will come to Misano, host of the next two events this season, with a 25-point advantage in the standings, but still thinking “race to race”.

Arenas explains in an interview with Jorge Martínez “Aspar” team that the leadership gives him strength “to face the second half of the season and fight to be champion.”

I am very satisfied with the work of this start of the seasonIn a somewhat strange season, we started with victory in Qatar and, after many months, when we returned to Jerez we did it at the same level and that was something incredible, “recalls Arenas.

“Then came the fall and the injury, but in Brno and Austria we were able to return with more strength and energy and we were able to continue with our goal, which has made me feel good and wanting more races, to see how the championship evolves, “he says.

The goal of the team and mine is to be regular and consistent. I worked on it in winter training, I would do many laps to the limit to ride comfortably and then be able to manage that in the race because it is not easy at all since Moto3 races are very fought, with overtaking to the limit and last-lap braking in almost all the race and that is difficult to manage, but the work in training and the set-up helps, “says Arenas.

I face each race as one, I focus on making the best of each grand prize, without thinking about streaks and that is why after the injury came ten days of suffering, a lot of pain, and every moment of pain I saved for the grand prize, to get it out in the track and make the effort worthwhile, “explains the World Cup leader in the interview with his team.

A Moto3 race is very difficult to manage, with so many groups and with such aggressive overtaking that there are, and I could not say how to make a difference, the difficult thing is to know to find the limit as soon as possible and achieve maximum potential in every race“says Arenas.

The World Cup leader only acknowledges having a “pending”. “It would be doing a ‘pole’, but both my team and I know that it is a grid position that does not mean anything by itself, we are fast and strong, we will see if by the end of the year we can get one or more, although we will concentrate on the race, which it’s the most important thing. “

And, when referring to his main rivals, Albert Arenas acknowledged that “Ai Ogura is very constantHe’s always there in the fight and you can see him around the place, he’s a fast driver. ” “Arbolino will be in the fight until the endI said at the beginning of the season that I would be one of the rivals for the title. Sky, which is one of the strongest teams, with Vietti it is clear that they will be in front“.