Antonio Orozco shares with his idol César Córdoba his personal journey in ‘Aviónica’

The singer Antonio Orozco, which is sweeping its new album ‘Avionics’, went to the Sparta & Tizona Fight Club located in Castelldefels to meet again with his friend and idol Cesar Cordoba, with whom he shares a passion for boxing.

“It is a dream to be able to be with you”, the artist transmitted to the legendary fighter. “He is a benchmark in his sport. Rafa Nadal, Leo Messi and he are the best. Each one in their discipline ”, he pointed out.

For his part, Córdoba reminded him of the day they met. “It was before a tough fight and he gave me the push I was missing,” he explained. “That day Antonio He told me that if I were to be born again and were an athlete, I would want to be me ”.

Avionics‘, Which was released on October 29, is the eighth album by Orozco and it has eleven very personal songs. “Avionics is what allows a craft to sustain itself in flight. My avionics has been each one of the people who during all this time have allowed me to continue believing that it is possible ”, the singer explained excitedly. “What the album intends to give you from beginning to end is a beautiful journey”