Antonio Hidalgo, a hardworking promotion specialist

Have Antonio Hidalgo (Granollers, February 6) that profile that the football fan always likes so much. He is a fighter, a survivor with a trade that has managed to earn a living in this complicated world based on hard work and sacrifice. Those who have followed Sabadell this season say that the newly promoted to Second division He has had that stamp this season, that of a working team, with an interventionist coach capable of reading and rectifying during games, a team that does not burn the ball, but quite the contrary, but who knows how to dress when necessary.

Nine seasons was in the discipline of FC Barcelona, more than enough time to assimilate a soccer philosophy at the base to which he was adding others in the numerous destinations that he subsequently had. In the mix is ​​success. That’s what he was like as a footballer, a talented midfielder with a lot of arrival, able to roll up his sleeves when required.

That way of conceiving soccer helped him to cope with the always hard exit of Barca. Two seasons he came to play with the Barça subsidiary and even made his debut with the first team under Louis van Gaal in a Copa Catalunya semifinal against Balaguer. But he had to leave in 2000 for Tenerife, where he would leave his mark, just like later in Malaga. With the ‘chicharreros’, he managed to rise in 2001 and with the Andalusians in 2008, scoring 14 goals that season and becoming an idol of his fans forever. He signed the following year for Real Zaragoza, also with the aim of ascending, something he did only half. He participated in the first part of the season, but Marcelino García Toral decided to transfer it to Osasuna, who played in Primera. Los maños subieno and, although Hidalgo does not appear in the photo, he does appear in the template of that campaign.

After passing through Albacete and Tenerife again, he ended up in 2012 at Sabadell, recently promoted to Second Division A. He played and became captain of the club that now trains until 2015, when he dropped to Second B, a thorn that has been removed as a technician.

Before taking the reins of the harlequin team last season in a delicate situation, saving the team from relegation to Third, he spent time in Cyprus, specifically at AEK Larnaca, where he was second to Imanol Idiakez and Adoni Iraola. He won a Cup in that country and participated in the Europa League before taking on this new challenge that will surely give a boost to his career as a coach. In his case, the constancy has a prize.