Antonio David Flores explains how he sees Olga in ‘Survivors’

The documentary about Rocío Carrasco, which leaves Antonio David Flores in a very bad place, has not prevented him from speaking publicly about the contest in which his wife Olga Moreno participates in ‘Survivors 2021’, as well as the premiere of his daughter Rocío Flores as collaborator of ‘Ana Rosa’s program‘.

“I hope you have a good contest. I would like in some way for her to be treated as a contestant, not to be linked to me because I think that in this moment in which I find myself, because they have placed me there, I think that talking about her would be detrimental to her, you know? ” , he acknowledged to the reporters of Europa Press and ‘The Ana Rosa Program’.

In his early days in Honduras, Olga she assured, through tears, that if she were to be born again she would marry him again. “What I want is that people know her, people know her and value her words. Make a good contest, that’s what I want, make a good contest, have your head there because it is a contest where you have to be mentally very, very, very strong, “he said about it.

He has also spoken about the premiere of his daughter as a collaborator of ‘The Ana Rosa program’, the ex-husband of Rocío Carrasco has been very satisfied. “I have seen her very well, very calm and I have seen her, well, as she is, with her character, with her form. She has something that is very positive, which is that, when she is on screen, she catches. And his look tells the truth a lot, a lot. I think that is very positive when it comes to being on television, “he said.