Antonio Canales, first definitive expelled from ‘Survivors 2021’!

This Thursday Telecinco has broadcast a new gala of ‘Survivors 2021‘In which the first definitive expulsion of the edition has taken place. The audience sent first to Palito Dominguín to Playa Destierro, where the young woman returned to submit to the televoting with Lola Mencía already Antonio Canales placeholder image. Finally, the audience decided that the contestant who will head to Spain in the next few hours is the bailaor.

Together with Palito, Gianmarco Onestini, Tom Brusse Y Alejandro Albala they were this week’s nominees. The Italian, however, was out of danger this Tuesday in “No Man’s Land”, as he was the contestant who until then had the most votes. The other three contestants knew the final verdict this Thursday after playing the reward game with the ‘stranded’ and to take stock of the week at the Palapa.

Tom Brusse, Palito Dominguín and Alejandro Albalá were the nominees of the week.

Tom was the first to breathe easy. The audience has saved by third week in a row to the French, who had only words of thanks. “Thank you so much for saving me! Thank you very much for the support. I love you a lot. Third time. I get a lot of energy, a lot of joy! To give it all!”, Assured the survivor.

Palito Dominguín: “Thank you very much to Lara and the whole team, it is impressive”

And finally, it was Alejandro and Palito’s turn. The ex-husband of Isa Pantoja became the last save of the week, while the niece of Miguel Bosé, between tears, he said goodbye to his companions. “Don’t come down, keep living it for me”, He asked the rest of the survivors. But, in addition, he sent a message of thanks to the entire ‘Survivors technical team:“Many thanks to Lara [Álvarez], to the whole team. You have an impressive team. The cameras, the doctors, the psychologist. I will never forget this experience. Plated for them ”.

Alejandro Albalá wins the leader game and gets immunity

As every Thursday, the survivors have had to dispute a new and tough leader game. A crucial test week after week, since the winner or winner gets two privileges: the immunity and the ability to directly nominate one of the colleagues.

The survivors have played a new leader game.

The survivors have played a new leader game.

On this occasion, it was Alejandro who proclaimed himself the winner of the test. A victory that he has received with great joy after having been a little down and having had to live two days in the Stranded Ship. “I dedicate it to my family, to my friends, to you, Jorge. And to my colleagues who sent me to the Aground Ship”, Said the contestant after winning.

Palito arrives at Playa Destierro and a new televoting opens

Palito arrived minutes later to Destierro Beach, the enclave in which Lola Mencía, for two weeks, and Antonio Canales placeholder image, for one, survive alone. The surviving couple has spent a week of ups and downs, although they have always ended up encouraging each other, as they explained this Thursday during the gala.

Lola Mencía and Antonio Canales at Playa Destierro.

Lola Mencía and Antonio Canales at Playa Destierro.

Miguel Bosé’s niece arrived at Playa Destierro still very affected after the expulsion of the Pirate Morgan Beach. Lola and Antonio Canales welcomed their partner with hugs and the young woman was automatically encouraged. “I’m happy. I was super sad and now I’m super happy”, Has assured Jorge Javier Vazquez Just arrived.

The presenter, however, has surprised the three contestants with bad news: “The arrival of your new partner does not bring good news because there are three of you. Therefore, tonight one of you will leave the contest forever”. In this way, a new televote was opened.

Antonio Canales, Lola Mencía and Palito Dominguín at Playa Destierro.

Antonio Canales, Lola Mencía and Palito Dominguín at Playa Destierro.

Antonio Canales says goodbye to ‘Survivors’: “I am leaving with my head held high”

Finally, the audience has decided that the bailaor will become the first definitive expelled from ‘Survivors 2021’. “If I have to go, I go with my head held high and being a good survivor, and I thank the program and the audience.”, He commented before knowing the verdict.

When the presenter has pronounced his name, the contestant melted into a hug with Palito and Lola, who could not stop crying. “Have a good time, enjoy the beautiful things on this island”, Said the bailaor, who then specifically addressed his partner from the last week. “Don’t cry, I’ve learned a lot from you”, He told Lola. “I love you all, I am very proud, with a full heart. I am not defeated, I am a great survivor”, He added, getting on the boat and definitely abandoning this adventure.

Antonio Canales, first expelled from 'Survivors 2021'.

Antonio Canales, first expelled from ‘Survivors 2021’.

Melyssa, Omar, Marta and Tom, new nominees of the week

As also happens in the galas on Thursdays, after the expulsion there are nominations. On this occasion, the new nominees of the group of survivors have been Melyssa pinto, Omar Sanchez Y Marta Lopez. The fourth nominee has been chosen by the Leader of the week, in this case Alejandro, who finally he opted for Tom. Thus, the Frenchman is nominated again for the fourth week in a row.