Antonia Dell’Atte enters the Rocío Carrasco case and explodes against Lequio: ‘Abuser’

The echoes of last Wednesday’s interview with Rocio Carrasco they continue to resonate in Telecinco. Rocío Jurado’s daughter charged hard against Alessandro Lequio for her constant criticism after recounting the alleged mistreatment she suffered by her ex-husband, Antonio David Flores.

Dog does not eat dog”Said Carrasco, insinuating that the collaborator of‘ The Ana Rosa program ’could have incurred the same evils as Antonio David, an accusation that has been reinforced in recent hours with first-hand testimony.

Is about Antonia Dell’ate that, through his Instagram account and with the video with Lequio’s statements denying that he had never been accused of substantive abuse, she has called her ex-husband a “liar and has compared him to Pinocchio.

30 years of lying defending the indefensible! The HYPOCRISY and the MISOGYNY of a certain press in hiding my TRUTH, that of my Executioner … my former Abuser @alessandrolequiosr. You who are part of a MEDIA CIRCUS …”Wrote the former Italian model, who claims to have won the case against her ex-husband in court.

MY PROOF OF THE FACTS I have taken it in court .. not in a PLATE where parallel trials are held … Thanks to all the People who BELIEVE me, but what they have BELIEVED me have been JUDGES !!!! !”.

However, it must be remembered that the lawsuit that Dell’atte won against Lequio was not for mistreatment, but for the lawsuit that he filed for calling him an abuser and that ended up being dismissed.