Antonia Dell’Atte describes these famous women as ‘accomplices’ in Lequio’s mistreatment

Last Wednesday, Rocio Carrasco granted an unprecedented interview to Telecinco. The daughter of Rocío Jurado went to the set to answer questions about the documentary series ‘Dew. Tell the truth to stay alive‘. But in addition to talking about his history, Carrasco surprised by charging hard against Alessandro Lequio for its constants critics to his person after counting the presumed bad treatments who suffered for years from Antonio David Flores. But, in addition, she hinted that her ex-husband and the Italian could be similar.

Lequio, for his part, replied in ‘Ana Rosa’s program’To the accusations of the daughter of Rocío Jurado and assured that they have never reported him for mistreatment. However, this weekend his ex-wife, the ex-model Antonia Dell’Atte, shared on Instagram a carousel of photographs of a complaint that he had filed with the tertullian in 1991 for “family abandonment and physical and mental abuse”.

Alessandro Lequio in ‘The Ana Rosa Program’.

In this way, the Italian accused her ex-husband of having abused her in 1991, in addition to sending a message to all abused women. “To all battered women: all I can say is get evidence and have the courage to report”, He wrote next to the publication.

Antonia Dell’Atte accuses María Teresa Campos, Ana Rosa Quintana and María Patiño of being “accomplices” of Lequio

But it’s not the only thing the former model said on Instagram. And it is that he also attacked Maria Teresa Campos, Ana Rosa Quintana Y Maria Patiño, whom he accuses of being partners in crime: “Dedicated to all my detractors and accomplices who have covered up the pure sacred truth, in primis María Teresa Campos, Ana Rosa Quintana (my former friend who has betrayed me …), María Patiño ”. Before saying goodbye, Dell’Atte also assured that “There are many more”And invited his followers to continue naming names of alleged accomplices of Lequio.