Antonela’s funny way of congratulating Messi on ‘Father’s Day’

Like every March 19, this Friday social networks have been filled with messages of love to the parents of the world. And, how could it be otherwise, Antonella Roccuzzo she wanted to congratulate her husband, Leo Messi, with whom she is the mother of three children: Thiago, Mateo and Ciro.

Antonela Rocuzzo, Leo Messi’s wife, celebrated his 33rd birthday as a family

To do this, he has shared a funny photograph of the four men in the house through his ‘stories’ of Instagram. The little ones, who are eight, five and three years old, respectively, appear chronologically lying on their father. “We love you daddy. Happy day”, Argentina has written with a heart ‘emoji’.

Now the question is whether the happy couple will go in search of the princess of the house on his fourth attempt. Or on the contrary, they do not want to expand a family that is already large.

The Messi family, on vacation in Ibiza
The Messi family, on vacation in Ibiza