Ángeles Blanco and José Ribagorda say goodbye to ‘Informativos Telecinco’ in a surprising way

The presenters of ‘Informativos Telecinco Fin de Semana’, Ángeles Blanco and José Ribagorda, they parted this Sunday of the noon edition surprisingly, something that has attracted attention on social networks.

A few moments before ending the newscast, the space gave way to a live connection in Córdoba, where the snail season started.

Well, when they said goodbye to the midday space, Ángeles Blanco made a script twist and surprised at the closing of the newscast. “We’re going … I’m going to see if I find some snails to distribute them here ”.

The thing did not stop there, since his partner, José Ribagorda, picked up the glove. “Invite me to rice, much better”, he answered with humor in the farewell.

Later, Ángeles Blanco asked her Twitter followers what they prefer: snails or rice. “After the farewell to today’s newscast, the debate has opened: rice or snails, what do you prefer?”

He even turned to Twitter to write a new message in reference to it. “Well, the thing is more equal than I expected.”