Angela Dobrowolski, victim of a brutal assault in prison

Angela Dobrowolski It’s news again, and again for something unpleasant Josep Maria Mainat’s ex-wife entered prison last January after the alleged attempted murder of the television producer, and things are not being easy for her.

As reported this Thursday by ‘Public Mirror’, Dobrowolski reportedly received a brutal beating by other inmates, apparently due to a debt.

According to Nacho Abad, the aggressors would have “opened his head”, causing the victim to have to receive stitches on the forehead.

Those who have beaten him allege that it is a debt, you know that in prison tobacco and other substances that you must pay are trafficked. These dams have not only threatened to harm her, but also Mainat and Mainat’s children”Reported Susanna Griso’s program.

We recall that since his arrest for the alleged attempted murder of Mainat, injecting him with insulin while he slept last June, Dobrowolski accumulates four arrests: for trying to forge checks on behalf of the television producer, for trying to break into his house in Canet de Mar (Barcelona) and the one on Monday, for trying to access his apartment in Barcelona.

The judge investigating the alleged murder of Mainat agreed on October 25 to impose Dobrowolski a restraining order of one kilometer from the television producer and the two children they have in common.

On the night of July 22-23, the founder of La Trinca -diabetic and 72-year-old- suffered a marked drop in sugar that caused a hypoglycemic coma, after which he accused his wife -who is 37 years old and studying last year of Medicine – of having caused it by injecting him with an insulin overdose while he was sleeping, for which Dobrowolski was arrested by the Mossos d’Esquadra.