Ángel Torres: ‘Nobody from the starting team is going to leave if they don’t pay the clause’

Ángel Torres, president of Getafe, assured this Monday that the club’s intention for the new sports project led from the bench by José Miguel González, ‘Míchel’ is that “no one from the starting team or from the players who have a contract comes out on the market summer except if they pay the termination clause ”.

Of the squad that has played last season with Getafe, five players end their contract (goalkeeper Rubén Yáñez, center-back Xabier Etxeita, Franco-Cameroonian full-back Allan Nyom, winger Francisco Portillo and forward Ángel Rodríguez) and another five (the Japanese Take Kubo, Carlos Aleñá, Moroccan Sofian Chakla, Colombian ‘Cucho’ Hernández and Darío Poveda) return to their respective teams after assignment.

“I have made a commitment to myself that the squad will continue to be complete. If someone comes and pays the clause, they will leave, but if not, the 16 or 17 that follow are fixed. What you have to do is improve what the coach and sports management say, but the goal is that no one comes out, “said Ángel Torres, at a press conference.

“That no one comes out is going to be difficult despite the fact that the clauses are untouchable for many clubs. I have made that commitment to myself and I don’t promise anything, because then the footballers do what they want, but I don’t want anyone from the starting team to leave if they don’t pay the clause. And that the footballers know ”, he pointed out.

Ángel Torres served as host at the presentation as Míchel’s new coach, who returns to Getafe ten years after his departure.

“A lot of coaches had been offered and I think a change had to be made. I have a concept of football that there are two types of coaches, those who play with their feet or with their head. Michel plays with his head, like Bernd Schuster or Michael Laudrup. I have had both models and they have given me results ”, confessed the Azulón president, who has opted for a different model from the one represented by José Bordalás.

“Five years ago we were in a difficult, delicate situation, and I had to bring a coach to raise us to the First Division. That is why Bordalás must be thanked for the performance he has brought out the club and now if we are lucky and we are right it will not be my thing. It will belong to Míchel and the footballers ”, he concluded.