Ángel Torres: ‘Bordalás is not for sale but anything is possible’

Ángel Torres plays the distraction. The president of Getafe tried to hide his letters on Tuesday before the negotiation that he must face with Pepe Bordalás, once Valencia seems to have launched into the hiring of the coach.

Bordalás has one more year of contract with the azulón team and a clause of a million and a half that Valencia does not want to pay and that the coach will not pay either. But the technician’s environment also ensures that the Alicante has the promise of Torres not to torpedo his departure this summer.

In this context, Torres tried this Tuesday in statements to Jugones de La Sexta to become strong to try to get the largest possible slice but without completely closing the exit door.

“It is not for sale,” said the Madrid president, who assured that he hopes that he will be in charge of the team next season but at the same time confirmed that he cannot assure it. “Sure (I have him) but in football you can’t be convinced of anything, anything is possible,” he admitted.

What seems clear is that, as the negotiation canons dictate, Torres will not be the one to move the first chip and it will have to be Bordalás, his agents or Valencia who should knock on his door. “I don’t have to meet (with him), he’s on vacation,” he said.

Although Valencia is not going to pay for Bordalás there are ways to grease their departure, mainly with the transfer of players and in that list the name of Jason Remeseiro seems to be indicated, to whom Valencia already yielded to Getafe in his day and who could return Alfonso Pérez.