Ángel Martínez: ‘I only think about beating Albacete’

The midfielder of Sabadell Angel Martinez He commented on this Friday’s match that “personally I don’t like to talk about a match as a final. I only think about winning Albacete and then to the next team “

The captain spoke about his presence in the team without the prominence of other seasons. “Obviously one always wants to play but the most important thing is to help the team and above all be happy when the team wins”

Before him Albacete there could be several losses in defense. On this subject, Martínez is clear that “all the players are at the coach’s disposal to play wherever and I wouldn’t mind playing behind. We hope that the comrades will recover ”he stated during the telematic press conference.

Sabadell have not won at home since November. The captain acknowledges that “without an audience it is practically the same to play at home as outside”, at the same time “we feel the support of the fans and we really want to win in our field”.