Anelka denies having advised Mbappé to leave PSG


denies saying that



must leave the


if he wants to triumph and win the Ballon d’Or. The former French international assures that The Athletic distorted his words clearly: “’One day he will have to face others in another championship’ they have turned it into a ‘He must leave PSG at the end of his contract in 2022! ‘”he complains.

The fact is that the aforementioned media would have turned an interview with Anelka about Mbappé into an open letter to the striker titled ‘Dear Mbappé’: “If I have to speak to Kylian directly, I have a phone! I have no advice to give Kylian, “Anelka said on social media. “He is old enough to know what to do. I, Nicolás Anelka, am I going to write an open letter to a player? ”.