Andy Murray, ready to take ‘the risk’ of playing the Open USA

Some tennis players have already shown strong doubts in relation to contesting the US Open in full pandemic for coronavirus in U.S. Some of them have even announced their resignation, such as the case of the number 1 of the WTA Circuit, Asleigh Barty
, or number 7 in the ranking of the ATP, the tennis player Alexander Zverev, was not cut when assuring that it was “A little crazy to play the Open USA now”. However, there is a player who is willing to take any risk to continue playing tennis and enjoy the great events, aware that very soon he might no longer be in them. Is about Andy Murray, who after two years of ordeal for his hip operations, for which he has been wearing a prosthesis since January, was eager to try to participate in the Cincinnati Open at Flushing Meadows and the Open USA.

Murray, who has missed 8 of the last Grand slams due to injury, it was clear in his explanations.

“I don’t know how many opportunities I have left to play in Slams, so although I feel relatively decent, I want to play in them. Obviously there is a risk, but I want to try to play and enjoy big events again. I have missed many ”commented Murray, showing himself totally in favor and prepared to dispute the Cincinnati Open at Flushing Meadows and the longed for Open USA.

The 33-year-old Scottish tennis player, however, hopes that some tennis player will bypass the protocol that he wants to impose on players in the United States, something for which he expects the ATP to react with a “severe” sanction for potential offenders .