Andrea Berta brings Simeone up to date

Diego Pablo Simeone, coach of the
Atlético de Madrid
, Y Andrea
Bertha, mattress sports director, had a small talk in the afternoon training of the mattress team in the Cerro del Espino Sports City in Majadahonda.

These types of meetings are usually common in all seasons, it is not unusual. They serve to bring first-hand information about how things are going. It is clear that if you have to talk about something really serious and for a long time, it is not necessary to be seen in training sessions, just pick up the phone between the two protagonists.

However, these types of talks are valid to review the moment of the operations that are open, which in the case of the Atlético de Madrid there are many. This same Monday it was known that the Barça rules out, for the moment, the barter raised between Saul Y Griezmann.

That is, if the matter was completely parked, the Athletic would have to go back on the market in search of a new center forward to accompany Luis Suarez in attack point. The option of Dembélé, it seems also blocked, and right now it is Rafa mir the one who takes weight. Always, bearing in mind that the priority would be to Griezmann if the matter were taken up again.


In addition, there are also important questions, such as the case of what may happen with the issue of the sides. The theme of Trippier and the desire of Manchester United fishing in the Athletic, the situation of Arias, which depends on English, the future of Gbric, who has asked to leave to have minutes -which would force to go for a substitute-, or situations such as that of Saponjic, to be solved also with his departure.

Regarding arrivals, the idea was to reinforce the left side, also the right side if there were departures, in addition to the aforementioned question of ‘9’, which is what worries the most, and of course to supply any exit that occurs.