Ander Gorostidi opens a new stage in his career

A new stage begins in the sports life of Ander Gorostidi. After having captained Sanse, the San Sebastian midfielder will play the next three seasons at LaLiga SmartBank’s Alcorcón, a team with which he was introduced on Thursday afternoon.

This is the first experience he will have in professional football and he believes he has chosen his new team well. Good advice has not been lacking. “From La Real they spoke to me very well about this club, which is humble and familiar, which is where I come from. La Real is a club similar to Alcorcón and what I hope for this season is to go day by day working with great concentration, great enthusiasm and without setting limits ”, he assured at a press conference.

The truth is that his path to the silver division of Spanish football has not been a bed of roses, hence he feels that the opportunity that Alcorcón gives him is “a reward for all the work done. Unfortunately, I have had injuries for other years, little continuity and the truth is that this jump is the reward for all the insistence I have had. What I have clear is that work and enthusiasm always bring positive things and that is what I focus on ”, explained the Gipuzkoan.

It will also be the first time Ander Gorostidi Wear a shirt other than the blue and white, something that for him “is not easy.” He arrived at the realistic discipline at just 12 years old and now, at 24, “leaving home and leaving family and friends” is no small feat, “but I face it with great enthusiasm and also with great tranquility. My colleagues are making my day very easy and I am very comfortable. It is to be appreciated ”, declared the new Alcorcón player.

From Xabi Alonso to Mere Hermoso

Xabi Alonso he was the last coach he had Gorostidi in his stage in the Real. Of course, the Donostiarra had some nice words of thanks for Alonso who taught him a lot about how a midfielder should play. “Xabi
Alonso he has been a great player and is a very good coach. I have been lucky enough to share a position with him, he has taught me to read the games very well, to position myself well, to wait for the ball, to anticipate the game … But above all, he has also helped me with self-confidence, to always be strong and never lower your arms, “he revealed.

Finally, he has only been training with the Madrid team for a few days, but his new coach, Mere
Beautiful, has already made it clear what he expects from the team. “The coach has told us that he wants a humble, hard-working team with ambition. We know that the Second League is a very competitive and very difficult League, but we have to focus on the day-to-day, on doing things well and on going game by game ”, he clarified.